Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This Mahal Terms & Conditions follow strictly.


  • Hall Capacity 700 Seats - A/c.
  • Dining Hall Capacity 200 Seat with chairs and tables
  • 2 Executive A/c. Rooms, 9 Dormitory A/c. Rooms
  • 3 Dormitory Non A/c Rooms.
  • Spacious parking area for Bikes.
  • Kitchen Facility
    a) Modern kitchen with store
    b) Services kitchen with store
    c) Separate Gas Room
  • Common Toilet for His & Her Separate.
  • Power Genset 500 KVA Capacity
  • Premises are under CCTV Surveillance
  • Pressure Booster Water Pump

Note :

  • Entry into the Mandapam Timings 2.00 PM to 2.00 PM is to be followed strictly.
  • If there is any Revision in any of the charges/Changes difference amount is to be remitted by the hirer on intimation.
  • The balance amount from the caution deposit after adjusting for items No: 1 to No: 14 will be refunded by way of Cheque within three days from the date of function.
  • Kindly bring your own Lockers, locks and keys for your required number of Rooms for your safety.
  • The amount paid for the booking will not be refunded.
  • Pre-pond, Post-pond, Transferring, Cancellation after booking dates is strictly not allowed.
  • Strictly Vegetarian only. 8. Smoking and alcohol is strictly prohibited in our premises.
  • Any damages/theft caused to the Mandapam property will be charged. (Pillow, Bedspread, Cot, Chair, Glass, bathroom fittings, dining vessels, Lights etc.)
  • Decorators from outside are strictly not allowed. Mandapam Decorators only should be utilized.
  • Extra Lighting will be arranged with additional cost through Mandapam electrician only.


  • The check-in and check – out time would be 02.00pm to 02.00pm.
  • The applicant shall not be entitled for refund of money paid as rent in case of any cancellation, Post-pond, Pre- pond, except for the refundable caution deposit. The use of the Mandapam cannot be transferred by the applicant to any other person.
  • Entire caution deposit shall be paid at least 30 day prior to the date of the event. In case of default, the hirer/party shall not be allowed inside the premises.
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL reserves its right to proceed against the applicant to recover any amount due from the applicant, if the recoveries exceed the amount of Caution Deposit made by him / her in this regard. The applicant / party agree that the rent and amenities applied by PRR SRI SAI MAHAL is for a maximum of 1000 people on the date of any function / event. If the crowd exceeds this figure, then the rent & amenities will increase. PRR SRI SAI MAHAL Solely has the right to publish the new rent & amenities, which is to be accepted by the applicant / party.
  • The applicant shall vacate the premises on time. He / She recognize that any delay on their part would cause inconvenience to the subsequent parties. In case there are no immediate subsequent occupiers and if the party wishes to continue, the party shall pay Rs.5000/- per hour for such extra stay.
  • The charges / deposit prescribed for the use of the Mandapam should be paid in full. The difference in charges / deposit should be paid on demand incase of any increase from the date of booking to the date of function only one function should be conducted it is understood that one function implies that there can be only one groom and one bridegroom, whose names are mentioned in Form B by the applicant. If any additional function is to be conducted a day’s rent is to be remitted by the applicant, in addition, to the rent already remitted.
  • It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to constantly contact the manager of PRR SRI SAI MAHAL A/C to know the amenities provided and restricted. In case of a request by made by the party for any change in the fixed / variable amenities provided, the party shall pay the revised charges for amenities.
  • Item 1 to 5 in Form A are fixed charges [Mandatory and not optional]. Item 6 to 14 are variable and shall be charged based on the usage.
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL A/C is an air conditioned Mandapam and hence the parties are to compulsorily use air-condition for a minimum of four hours on the date of reception and four hours on the date of marriage to maintain constant temperature (The A/c. unit to work in its maximum efficiency will require one hour time).
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL A/C shall provide for the Mandapam Decorator and the Electrical Contractor, External contracts shall not be allowed in the premises. [Extra lighting will be arranged with additional cost by the Mandapam Electrician]
  • The Hall, Dining Hall, Rooms and the furniture and fitting provided therein, shall be used only for the purpose, for which they are provided and they shall not be disturbed or displaced.
  • Articles belonging to the PRR SRI SAI MAHAL shall not be taken out of the premises.
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL shall provide for any extra Utensil, Tables, Chairs and other articles sought, which shall be charged separately. The extra items shall be requested atleast 3 days prior to the date of the event.
  • The party shall involve themselves or assign a proper person on their behalf, who shall be in contact with the manager for all arrangements. All requests shall be made 10 days prior to the date of the event.
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL reserves the right to inspect any part of the premises to check the nature usage etc., through the authorized representatives. If at any point of time PRR SRI SAI MAHAL deems that any act or deed done by the party or its guest is objectionable, PRR SRI SAI MAHAL shall at its sole discretion discontinue all its services.
  • Parties are solely responsible to take utmost care of children and keep children away from unattended places, play with electrical fittings or go around prohibited areas. PRR SRI SAI MAHAL will not be responsible for any accidents.
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused to things, goods, baggage, jewellery, Mobile, Camera, utensils of the party or their guest, suppliers / caterers, servants, agents whomsoever entering inside the premises during the period of hire by way of theft or otherwise. The party shall not have any of its goods after the check out time.
  • All persons entering the premises during the hire period shall be deemed to be the guest or agents or workmen of the party. Hence, it is the responsibility of the party to make adequate safe guard against stranger. Hirer should arrange security in their own cost.
  • PRR SRI SAI MAHAL shall not be responsible or liable for any failure in the A/C unit, Generator, Electricity and any technical fault for other electrical / electronic equipments.
  • The applicant shall not put up any staffs, as such, for conducting games for children, providing popcorn, balloons etc. without obtaining prior permission. Such permission shall be sought for, at least 3 days ahead of the event.
  • The tables / stalls put up for the purpose of providing popcorn, sweet candy, fruit salad, juice, ice cream, coffee, sweet, vegetable carving, cooking, video camera, cooker, aarthy plates shall be charged separately and they shall be put up only in the areas permitted by PRR SRI SAI MAHAL.
  • The applicant shall hand over all the articles entrusted to him / her at the time of check out of the booked period, in the condition and at the same location they had been entrusted to him / her earlier.
  • Cleaners required by the applicant for the Dining and Kitchen including cleaning of vessels shall be engaged only from the Contractor authorized by the Centre PRR SRI SAI MAHAL.
  • The applicant shall manage to remove all his/her articles from the Marriage as early as possible on the expiry of the booked period. The agencies arranged by him / her shall also remove their equipments etc., immediately after the function is over PRR SRI SAI MAHAL will not take the responsibility for any mishaps.
  • Use of fire crackers is strictly prohibited within the premises. The party may burst crackers, only in the area allotted by PRR SRI SAI MAHAL All damages caused due to bursting of crackers shall be borne by the party.
  • The party should arrange medical and first aid kit personally.
  • The applicant neither shall nor put up any Political Posters, Banners, Sign Boards, Posters and Flags etc. within the premises is strictly prohibited, in the campus while conducting the functions.
  • All the furniture and fitting, utensils, electrical and electronic equipment’s belonging to PRR SRI SAI MAHAL shall be used by the party or any other person on his behalf with utmost care and diligence. Any damage caused shall be reimbursed by the party/Hirer.
  • The applicant shall identify PRR SRI SAI MAHAL against all damages & Theft caused to the property of the PRR SRI SAI MAHAL such as CCTV, Glass doors, Glass Panels, Tiled Flooring, Furniture, bathroom fittings, Bedspread, Cot, Pillow, Lights, Kitchen Vessel, Appurtenances etc., found in the premises.
  • No food or beverages shall be served in the main hall. Cooking / Serving should be organized only in the Kitchen/Dining Halls, respectively and no other place.
  • Alcohol, smoking & Non – Vegetarian food is strictly prohibited to be consumed inside the premises.
  • The applicant undertakes that everything prohibited including plastics etc. Shall not be used in the premises.
  • Public address system outside the hall shall not be used.
  • The applicant shall make all endeavors to keep the premises neat and tidy. The party shall be liable for damages caused to the premises by spitting, nailing, painting, causing stains, affixture of decoration papers or otherwise.
  • Use of Pan is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  • Electrical connections and works are to be handled only by the electricians authorized by the management. Electrical and flower decoration arrangements should be discussed at least 7 days before the function. Management is not responsible for any dispute on the day of the function between hirer and flower decorator / Electrical contractor.
  • Seating arrangements shall be instructed three days prior to the event and the same shall not be rearranged.
  • The applicant shall be responsible to ensure parking of vehicle at the car park and organize the in and exit of all others strictly to the routes for movement of vehicles.
  • Management is not responsible for the damages /theft of your car or belongings.
  • The applicant may after obtaining prior permission from PRR SRI SAI MAHAL may at his / her own cost, engage its own security person for safeguarding its personal belongings etc.,
  • Terrace is restricted to use.
  • Post-pone, Pre-pond, Cancellation and Transfer will not be allowed for all functions.
  • The lighting of Oil Lamps, usage of colour, Rangoli Powder and all other materials that will stain the floor in the main lobby areas will not be allowed.
  • Service tax as applicable shall be paid by the party.
I have read and understood the above Rules and Regulations for the use of “PRR SRI SAI MAHAL” and I hereby agree to abide by the same.